Episode 108 – Project Site Logistics

“Plan out your construction site logistics for safety and maximum efficiency.”

On today’s Coachcast we take a look at construction¬†site logistics planning.


Planning and organizing your project work site during the pre-planning stage of the project.


Create a safe and efficient work site.


Start by getting a copy of the site plan drawing that can be used to create a map for you logistics plan. Use this map to indicate locations and layout of the site.

Create a list of all the things to incorporate into the site plan during construction like, safety vehicle access, cranes, office trailers, dumpsters, porta-johns, materials, parking and anything else. Prioritize the list based on constraints and duration so that you can make plans for the most important items first like safety and crane access.

Now that you have your site plan and list start creating a map of your site that indicates where things belong.

Things to consider:

  • Emergency Access
  • Crane locations and material access
  • Dumpsters – keep close as possible for ease of use
  • Office trailer location
  • Material storage – keep close by if possible to limit movement
  • Employee parking
  • Try to limit relocation of items

Creating and sharing a site logistics plan for your project will help keep things safe and organized.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Create logistics plans during your project pre-planning


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