Your Jobsite is often the first impression many get about your company. Are you making a good impression?


  1. Jobsites are hectic places
    1. There is a lot of activity in a confined area
    2. Logistics of getting things in and out and built can be tough
    3. Keeping things clean and organized is a challenge
  2. It’s important to keep site clean and organized for many reasons
    1. Safety – clean sites are safer sites
    2. Productivity – organization improves productivity
    3. Security – keep better track of things on site
    4. Perception – give people the right perception about your projects
  3. Keep your sites clean and organized
    1. Start with a plan – create a logistics plan for all projects
      1. Plan materials / equipment / parking / trash / etc.
    2. Store materials close to the area of use
    3. Keep things clean and tidy
    4. Park equipment together and organized

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