There are so many technology solutions available, it’s no wonder we get scared to adopt new technology.

  1. It can be a real pain
    1. Get some new software then 6 months later there is a better solution
    2. There is always something new coming out with better promises
    3. We have to invest time and money on new technology and we don’t know how much upfront
  2. It is a necessary evil though
    1. If you don’t keep up with tech you will be left behind
    2. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks by a huge margin
    3. It keeps getting easier to adopt new technology
  3. Get your company up to speed with embracing new technology
    1. Take-Action / make mistakes / it’s Okay
    2. Encourage employees to demo and suggest new solutions
    3. Offer training on more than just your tools

Key Questions:

  1. What is your approach to technology?

  2. Is your team tech savvy?

  3. Do you promote the use of new technology?

  4. How can you improve?

Take-Action Items:

  1. Get the most out of tech

  2. Embrace it and the change

  3. Train your staff


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