Task Planning

5 Tips for Good Task Planning

“Daily task planning will keep your projects on schedule.”

In today’s episode, I discuss 5 tips for better daily task planning on your projects.

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E461: Ask Coach – Project Planning For Field Staff

Make sure your project planning efforts reach the field.

Q: How do I communicate the project plans to the field staff?

A: Summarize the project plan to a one-pager and create task plans for the field staff.


  1. Project planning is something we can all do better
    1. We all have plans for our business but don’t always have plans for our projects
    2. A good plan starts with estimating and is amended and added to until project closeout
    3. We need to include our key aspects like budget, resources, productivity, metrics, etc.
  2. Giving a complete project plan to your field staff doesn’t work, they need details of each task
    1. Summarize your project plan into a single page covering the highlights
    2. Create task plans for each key task
    3. Break each task down and provide the details – metrics, manpower, productivity, resources, etc.
  3. Communicate the plan
    1. Provide your field staff with a folder / binder with the project information
    2. Include the high-level one-pager
    3. Add task plans as each task approaches
    4. Create a tracking system for each task so you can track your key metrics