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E382: Stop The Social Media Press Releases

Social media is a great tool for marketing when handled properly.


  1. Social media
    1. It’s great for marketing and very cost effective
    2. Many people miss the purpose though
    3. Do it right and get results
  2. Don’t be that guy – you know the one
    1. At the cocktail party, he’s the one that just wants to tell you how great he is
    2. At the reunion she just wants to tell you about her great business
    3. At the networking event he just wants to tell you to check out his great items he sells
  3. Build relationships
    1. Be a resource
    2. Help people
    3. Say something your potential customers want to here
      1. Remodeling contractor = tell someone how to brighten up their kitchen. choose the right countertops, the right appliances
      2. Retail builder = tell people how to lay out their space, how to place posters and signage for more sales
    4. Be the person people want to talk to and hear from

E227: Social Media Roundup P7 – Conclusion

Social media is becoming the leading place for people to learn about your business. Get on it!

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E217: Social Media Roundup P5 – Engagement

Engagement si the most important part of social media strategy, yet so many miss the mark.

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E212: Social Media P4 – Sharing Information

Share your knowledge on social media to boost your brand’s credibility.

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E207: Social Media Roundup P3

Reach your social media objectives with clear and detailed plans.

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E202: Social Media Roundup P2

People use social media to connect with brands to learn more about products and services. Are you there for them?

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E197: Social Media Roundup Pt. 1

The social media landscape is constantly changing and growing. How do we keep up?

Build a solid plan and focus on it and don’t worry about the next big thing.

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Episode 41 – Managing Social Media

Social Media provides the best ROI for your marketing dollars in the world today but how do you find the time to fit it in?
Managing your social media efforts using a good plan and smart tools on today’s Coachcast.
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Episode 37 – Facebook Pages


“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin

Do you have your Facebook Page working for you?  Are you posting the right stuff?



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