E506: Ask Coach – Dealing With Delays

If you are having scheduling issues deal with them head on.


Q: The Prime Contractor is giving me a hard time about delaying the project. It’s not all my fault. How should I handle this.

A: Protect yourself at all times. Give notice when anything is delaying your progress, no matter how minor it seems.


  1. We try to avoid it, but delays can happen
    1. We plan to avoid them but sometimes things go wrong
    2. Supplier ships the wrong materials or misses a delivery date
    3. Prior sub does something incorrect that causes more work for you
  2. Communication is key, your fault or not – be sure to let everyone know
    1. Let you client know when something will impact the schedule
    2. Don’t be a hero
    3. Indicate possible impacts on all RFIs, Changes, Proposals, etc.
  3. Correct course
    1. If the delay is your fault do what you can to fix it
    2. Keep progress moving forward, work with others to coordinate
    3. Put in the extra effort to correct the schedule

E431: Ask Coach – Dealing With Project Delays

Delays happen in construction, be proactive and manage the impact.


Q: What is the best way to deal with project delays?

A: Communicate, adjust and protect your profits.


  1. Communicate early and often
    1. Know your contract and your schedule
    2. As soon as it appears there may be a delay – notify your client with a “heads up”
    3. Document clearly cause, impact, options, adjustments and resolutions
  2. Manage your costs
    1. Adjust your schedule where you can
    2. Manipulate your manpower to deal with the delay without cost impacts
    3. Shift your plan around if you can
  3. Protect our bottom line
    1. Do all you can to avoid added costs caused by delays but if you can’t
    2. Document the impacts and communicate before there is an actual impact
    3. Present options and let the client participate in the decisions
    4. It’s our right to make a profit so don’t be afraid to ask for it

E266: Ask Coach – Keeping Subs/Suppliers on Schedule

Keeping our projects on schedule can be challenging. Set yourself up for success with proper planning.

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