E473: Improving Project Productivity

Productivity improvement is a natural result of proper planning and tracking.


  1. Plan out all key tasks
    1. To be productive we have to plan
    2. Plan the who, what, when, where and how
      1. As a Project Manager / Business Owner it’s your job to make sure your teams have the tools they need
    3. Communicate your plans
  2. Tracking and benchmarking triggers the improvement process
    1. If you want to improve something you have to measure it
      1. “What gets measured, gets managed.” – Peter Drucker
    2. Measure and track key tasks – don’t over complicate the process
    3. Establish benchmarks and work as a team to improve
  3. Start with the fundamentals and go from there
    1. If you do the first two things properly, productivity will naturally improve
    2. Make further strides by working with your teams and setting clear expectations of improvement
      1. Let you teams now that Status Quo is not what we are looking for
    3. Introduce gamification – create friendly competition – get everyone involved – they will enjoy it and get a sense of pride when they best their previous numbers

E425: How Do You Find The Time To Get Things Done

Stop letting a lack of time keep you from reaching your goals.

With many of the clients I work with, I hear the same struggles with reaching goals – a lack of time.

So how do we overcome this challenge?


  1. Attack your day with purpose
    1. Create a list of tasks to complete each day
    2. Block out time to work on tasks
    3. Avoid time wasters
  2. Delegate tasks
    1. Stop doing things you can have others do – the mundane tasks
    2. Take the plunge and commit the money to pay someone – your time is worth too mush to be sweeping floors
    3. This goes for your employees and team members as well – make sure they are doing tasks that fit their level of expertise
  3. Create more time – yes it is possible
    1. Establish routines – it may only save a few minutes a day but that adds up
    2. Develop processes that eliminate wasted time and routine activities
    3. Utilize technology
      1. Good technology solutions cost money but can save 5 times the cost or more

E423: Tracking Project Productivity

To successfully meet our schedules we must monitor and adjust productivity.


  1. Putting a target on paper is just the start
    1. If you plan to finish a task by next Friday you can’t wait until Thursday to determine if you are going to make it
    2. You have to monitor and track progress along the way
    3. This allows for adjustments
  2. To stay on schedule you have to track the productivity
    1. Many projects get into crisis mode as the time runs low for a task because they didn’t track things along the way
    2. Want to complete a task by next Friday then figure out how much needs to get done each day
    3. I am taking a course that I want to complete in 3 weeks, I sat down this morinng and outlined how much I need to do every day to reach my goal – do the same for your project tasks
  3. Putting it into practice
    1. Start with a good 3-week look-ahead schedule
    2. Choose a couple of key tasks that will drive the schedule
    3. Based on the task, determine the best way to track it – SF / LF / Rooms / Areas
    4. Start tracking the first day – make adjustments along the way to be sure and reach your milestones

E401: Ask Coach – Is Your Estimated Productivity Right?

Manage your projects closely yo make sure production matches your estimate.


  1. Establish benchmarks
    1. Look at estimating guides (just for a start)
    2. Compare to your experience and actual production
    3. Use your gut
  2. Make adjustments
    1. Job specific adjustments
    2. Seasonal effects on production
    3. The effects of your personnel
    4. Use historical feedback
  3. Tracking, monitoring and adjusting
    1. It could be said that your estimate is right if you got the job
      1. Now it’s time to hit the numbers
    2. Develop tracking systems for key metrics to make sure you hit the numbers
    3. Make adjustments to productivity and cost
      1. The bottom line is to finish the project at or below estimated cost

E361: Getting Back At It

Welcome back to the first workday of the New Year, let’s make it a great one.

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E348: Tips For Getting Things Done with Todd Dawalt

Today we have a guest Coachcast. Todd Dawalt of Construction Leading Edge is here to give us some tips on getting people to do stuff.


You can find out more about Todd’s podcast at

Or you can find his podcast on iTunes or Stitcher. Be sure to subscribe to his podcast, you are going to want to add it to your toolbox.

E183: Proactive Tracking

Take a proactive approach to managing your projects with strategic tracking.

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E181: Morning Safety Meetings

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E166: Daily Productivity System

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