E387: Become A Resource

If you want to win at the social media and content marketing game, become a resource.


Content marketing has one basic goal – build trust with your audience


  1. There are 2 types of content that help with that
    1. Content that provides information about your company
      1. This is the stuff on your website that talks about your company and you
      2. This is content that people look at when researching your firm (not very interesting to others)
      3. This content builds trust based on your experience
    2. Content that builds relationships
      1. This is content that people read and want to share
      2. This is information that your potential clients need to know before they are ever looking for you
      3. This content builds trust based on your knowledge and willingness to educate others
  2. Reach your marketing goals by becoming a resource
    1. Look at the most engaged social media accounts (except celebs) and you will see they all provide information that is relevant to their audience
    2. Your future customers don’t need to know how long you have been in business, they need to know what is the best countertop or how to patch the holes from hanging pictures and missing the studs
    3. If you are  resource people will automatically trust you
  3. How to be a resource
    1. Put your future clients hat on and think about what they need to know
    2. Create content that solves their problems
    3. Share other people’s content that is relevant to you audience

E367: Focus On One Thing

To dominate you niche market, focus on it and be the best.



  1. Dominating your market
    1. The hedgehog theory – be great at one thing (then move on to others)
    2. Great companies focus on what they are good at
    3. Know who you are and who your product fits
  2. Find your product or products
    1. What is your one thing (or two things) that you are great at
    2. Be the best, stay the best, know your product
    3. Understand from the client’s perspective as well
  3. Aim your sales and marketing
    1. Be selective and qualify your targets – chase people that need you and know it
    2. Promote what you provide them that is unique to you
    3. Over-promise and over-deliver – it’s easy when you are the best


Apply this theory to all parts of your organization. Focus on one thing at a time, become the best then diversify.


E362: Organizing Our Sales and Marketing

Set clear goals and intentions for you sales and marketing in 2016.


  1. Sales and marketing in construction
    1. A major aspect of our success
    2. Doesn’t get the attention it deserves
    3. Often lacks good planning
    4. For many it’s placing ads and waiting for calls
  2. We are all marketing companies
    1. Today – everything is about marketing and all companies are marketing companies
    2. We want to be the preferred contractor before that client even begins to search
      1. Marketing is how we do that
    3. Everything we do and everyone is part of our marketing efforts
  3. Let’s get organized
    1. Set your goals and intentions for your marketing efforts
    2. Target the proper clients
      1. 25 ideal client leads is better than 150 random leads
      2. Stop focusing just on job type to define your leads – look at the client too
    3. Review your marketing and make sure you are targeting the right clients with all your efforts

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