E549: Leading By Example

To build an Elite organization you need to be a leader, not a manager.


  1. Leadership builds elite teams
    1. Managers get work done
    2. Managers keep things organized
    3. Leaders develop teams that can accomplish great things
  2. Be a leader, not a manager
    1. Often people get promoted to management and think “no more late nights”
      1. Leaders burn the midnight oil along with the team
    2. Managers tell people what to do, how to do it, and when to get it done
      1. Leaders go further and explain why each thing is it important
    3. Great leaders build confidence in their teams
  3. Start leading by example
    1. People are going to do about 80% to 90% of what you do
      1. Set the right example
    2. Be the first one to arrive and the last one to leave (a majority of the time)
    3. Be willing to roll your sleeves up and help out

E544: Avoid The Busy-ness

Start running your business and avoiding the busy-ness.



  1. How do you manage your business or team?
    1. Do you micro-manage
    2. Do you find yourself doing it not delegating it
    3. Do you spend more time leading or doing?
  2. Don’t get trapped in your busy-ness
    1. Want to build an elite business or team – you need to be a leader
    2. Learn to back away and let others handle the tasks
    3. We have to delegate and lead
  3. Getting out of the busy-ness
    1. Review your daily routine – track what you spend your time on
    2. Do you spend the right amount of time every day managing and leading?
    3. Start delegating more of the tasks
      1. Set clear expectations
      2. If you expect it, inspect it

E519: Holding People Accountable

Great leaders inspire their teams and hold them accountable.


  1. Leading a business or team is an art
    1. We have to guide people
    2. We have to make sure things get done
    3. We have to create results
  2. Great leaders set people up for success
    1. We must provide clear expectations
    2. Give them the tools they need to succeed
    3. Check-in and follow-up
  3. We also hold people accountable
    1. Discipline is not a bad word – instill it in people
    2. Be genuine but expect results
      1. Be sure your expectations are reasonable
    3. It’s not just business, it’s personal
      1. People want to perform for people who care
      2. Always understand both sides – did you set them up for failure?

E414: Leadership Style And Your Culture

A solid management team should be congruent in their management style.


  1. There are many types of leaders
    1. Authoritarian / Paternalistic / Democratic / Laissez-faire / Transactional / Transformational
    2. Each type will have an impact on your company culture
    3. Your style should match your vision
  2. Create the leadership that builds your business
    1. Best is democratic and transformational
      1. I recommend learning to be about 75% democratic and 25% transformational
    2. Worst types are transactional and authoritarian
    3. As Elite Contractors we want to:
      1. Empower our employees
      2. Follow a vision
      3. Create a great culture
  3. Keep the styles congruent throughout your organization
    1. What is your style?
    2. How about other managers? Do they match?
    3. Make sure to create a culture that has congruent management

E249: Congruent Leadership

Are you sending mixed signals to your project teams and employees?

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