E529: Listening To Your Employees

You can learn a lot by listening to your employees.


  1. Our employees know more than you think
    1. They are usually the front line with our clients
    2. They know a lot about their tasks
    3. They often have some great ideas
    4. They know when they are in trouble and need help but afraid to tell you
  2. Build a culture where employees are heard
    1. Not just a suggestion box
    2. Really listen to what they have to say and get their opinions
    3. Have an open door policy
  3. Create a habit of walking around
    1. Check-in on your employees
    2. Ask how things are going
      1. Don’t let them off with “great boss” – really dig in
    3. Take time to brainstorm with them

E524: The Right People In The Right Positions

Successful teams thrive when you have the right people in the right positions.


  1. Create an elite team for success
    1. Construction is team oriented
    2. It takes many working together to complete a project
    3. Elite teams have the right people in the right positions
  2. Start with the right people
    1. Do they have the right mindset?
    2. Do they support and enhance your brand
    3. Do they mesh with your culture
  3. Then put them in the right positions
    1. Do they have the proper skills and knowledge?
    2. Don’t fall into the trap of promoting to incompetence
    3. Do they have enthusiasm and want to be in the position?

E404: Ask Your Employeess

Don’t miss out on one of the best, untapped resources in your company.

How often do you or one of your senior managers spend time talking and listening to your employees? Not enough.


  1. Your employees know
    1. They know the real values of your company
    2. They know why your competition is kicking your butt
    3. They know why Joe in accounting is so unhappy (and how much he is stealing)
  2. The best, untapped resource – don’t just sit on the well
    1. Engage and ask questions
    2. Be open and listen to the feedback
      1. They are entitled to their opinions and you don’t need to argue with them
      2. Remember perception is reality even if it’s not true
    3. Provide constructive feedback that extends the conversation
  3. A profound effect
    1. Your employees will know you care and they are being heard
    2. They will know they are part of shaping their future
    3. You will gain great insights