employee training

E499: Employee Basic Training

When developing your employee training remember to include the basics.


  1. Employee training is an important part of developing an elite business
    1. It builds skill sets
    2. Creates and promote the brand message
    3. Allows employees to advance their career
  2. We often forget the basics
    1. We train advanced skills
    2. We often overlook the basics
      1. How to communicate
      2. Proper email communication
      3. What our brand stands for
    3. Think about the bully we talked about on Monday
      1. Do you think their company really wants them to act that way?
      2. Do you have people that act in contrast to your brand?
    4. Everyone is in sales
  3. Start teaching some of the basics
    1. Educate your team on what your values mean and how that looks
    2. Start telling stories – it’s the best way to get your point across
      1. Create a scenario and tell 2 different ways to handle – the wrong way and your way
    3. Evaluate your people by getting outside feedback
      1. It’s easy these days to create surveys and have you clients/suppliers/sub complete them

E154: Employee Training

“It’s important to show our employees we care by investing in their future.”

Are you leading your employee’s on the right career path?

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