customer relationships

Project Teams Create Repeat Sales Opportunities

“Execute the project and deliver on your promises to win repeat work.”


In today’s episode, I discuss how important it is for the project teams to deliver on our promises.

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E458: Solving The Problems

The project team must take the lead in developing customer relationships.


  1. Solving the common problems better is a requirement
    1. We must solve the typical construction problems
      1. Schedule, materials, subcontractors, change orders, design coordination, etc.
    2. This is what every contractor is hired to do
    3. This is the core responsibility – the blocking and tackling
  2. Going beyond is solving the problems outside the project
    1. This is where the Elite shine
      1. A championship team does the basics plus the extraordinary
    2. Solve your customer’s pain points – make their job easier
    3. Provide more value by understanding their ultimate goals and helping them succeed
      1. Retail store – understand layout, lighting, etc and help make smart choices
      2. Know the latest trends in you niche
  3. Make it a plan to solve the extraordinary
    1. As a project team, we plan to go the extra mile
    2. Provide solutions to the pain points outside the project
    3. Reinforce the reason why they hired us and why they will never hire someone else again
      1. Retail store – you know the latest trends and recommend they improve sight-lines and add RFID beacons which increase revenue – your client is now a raving fan

E454: Qualify Your Customers

Be sure you customers align with your company’s values and culture.


  1. Who we work for impacts our bottom line
    1. We have our own identity based on values, mission and goals
    2. We have a culture and way we do things – it’s what make us Elite
    3. Our companies don’t fit every client
  2. It’s critical to understand how customers fit
    1. Know who the ideal client is
    2. Understand how we support our clients and how our clients support us
    3. Know what’s important for your success and make sure your clients align
  3. Qualify your prospects and your existing customers
    1. They review and qualify us so why shouldn’t we do the same
    2. Interview them early in the process to make sure you fit
      1. Explain why this is important to your client – if they are a good fit they will understand and it will build trust
    3. Don’t be afraid to walk away from a client

E437: Dominate Your Market With Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction goes far beyond quality construction.


  1. The biggest misconception
    1. Build a quality project and they will hire me again
      1. Not always true – if you are a pain to deal with they won’t want you back
    2. If the client gets the project they want then they will hire me again
    3. If I give the lowest price the customer will hire me
  2. To dominate your market you need to focus on customer satisfaction
    1. The quality project is only part of the equation to success
    2. There are a lot more pieces to the puzzle
    3. Give your customers a luxury journey
      1. The journey is the interaction during the construction process
      2. The paperwork / reporting / invoicing / interaction / changes / solutions / public interaction / etc.
  3. Customer satisfaction yields great results
    1. It’s 7 times easier to get more work from existing clients than to find a new one
      1. I consider referral business the same as repeat work
    2. Make things easy for your customers and they will make things easy for you
    3. Our #1 goal is to be the preferred provider and customer satisfaction is the solution
      1. Clients will want you on the next project
      2. They become raving fans
      3. They find ways to work with you and often pay more

E412: Create Customers For Life

Make it a goal to build customers for life.


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  1. A key to building an elite organization is repeat customers
    1. Create customers for life or until we fire them
    2. Set goals to retain customers
    3. It costs 5 times more to get new customers
  2. Build solid relationships with these key things
    1. Be open and authentic
    2. Add value
    3. Solve problems
  3. Creating the culture
    1. Make it a priority
    2. Train your people
    3. Put customers first – that doesn’t mean you have to roll over