E564: Effective Communication Tools

Good communication and information sharing save countless time and effort.


  1. Communication is paramount to success
    1. Communication with your clients
    2. Communication among your organization and teams
    3. Communication to your employees
  2. Develop sound protocols
    1. Outline the who, what, when, how, and tracking of your communication to clients
    2. Provide the outline in processes for communicating internally
    3. How do you communicate with your employees and how do they communicate with you
  3. Create good systems for communication and collaboration
    1. Try some of the new tech solutions available – email is dead
      1. Trello / Asana / Procore / Slack
    2. Collaboration solutions combine communication and tracking in a more efficient package
    3. Move away from communication and towards collaboration

E368: Project Communication Plans

Develop project communication plans to keep everyone informed properly.



  1. Communication is key to a successful project
    1. We all know how important good communication is yet often fail to communicate enough
    2. There are many levels to consider, Owner/Client/Team/Suppliers/Subs/Public
    3. People cannot perform if they don’t know what’s expected
  2. Good communication needs a plan
    1. Who is responsible for what?
      1. Who talks to the client about changes
      2. Who talks with subs/suppliers about the schedule
      3. Who talks with the public
    2. Develop a plan
      1. It can be a simple matrix with
        1. Intended recipient
        2. Who is responsible
        3. How often / how fast
        4. Medium of communication
    3. Share your plan with project stakeholders
  3. Consider technology solutions
    1. Email is dead – try Slack
      1. Be sure to still use email formal communications
    2. A project management / task management system
    3. File sharing solutions

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