change orders

Episode 33 Change Order Management

Proper change management protects our profits and our stakeholders.

Today we discuss the importance of properly managing change orders.  As elite contractors we know that we must strive to solve problems better and this is one area where we can really shine.  Taking the right approach to managing change orders can set us apart from the industry.

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Episode 32 Overhead vs Job Costs

Today I discuss a topic I get questioned about all the time from my subcontractor clients, overhead costs versus job costs.

This usually comes up in a conversation about a change order on a project where the contract limits the allowable overhead percentages to 10% or 15%.  The argument is always, “my overhead is more than 15%, I can’t make money on a change order with limits like this.”

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Episode 17 – Change Order Communication

Today I dig into how we communicate with our clients when we discuss change orders.  We discuss building trust and clearly communicating with our clients to ease the pain surrounding change orders.