2017 Best Year Ever

E620: New Year’s Eve Rituals

Have some fun New Year’s Eve and follow a couple of rituals.


  1. Create a 2017 reminder card
    1. Get an index card or something similar
    2. On the front side write your 2017 Theme and your intentions/trajectories
    3. On the back write things you want less of on the left and things you want more of on the right side
    4. Save this card for the whole year to remind you of your intentions
  2. Burning Bowl Ritual
    1. This is one I got from Randy Gage
    2. Take out a sheet of paper and copy your ‘Less of’ and ‘more of’ on it
      1. Left side – what you want to do less of
      2. Right side – what you want to do more of
    3. Read them and proclaim your intentions for the year as you toss the paper into a fire
  3. 12 Grapes
    1. A Spanish tradition in which you eat 12 grapes as the clock strikes at midnight to bring good luck
    2. A twist to this that I got from JB Glossinger @ morningcoach.co is to do the grape ritual while reviewing you 2017 theme and intentions
    3. Review each intention and allow the grape to symbolize your commitment to your intention

E619: New Year Theme

Create a theme for how you will shape 2017.


  1. Start the new year with a theme
    1. Concept I learned from Randy Gage
    2. What are your intentions for the year
    3. How will you create the year
  2. Keys to a good theme
    1. Uplifting and inspiring – reminds you of your why
    2. Not relying on outside forces
    3. A daily reminder of what your intentions are for the year
    4. My examples
      1. 2015 – Intense Realization – I know I was going to work hard making some things a reality
      2. 2016 – Massive Abundance – I created now I needed to bring in the people, knowledge, help, community, money, etc.
      3. 2017 – To New Levels – Now that we have the foundation, it’s time to take what i do to new levels
  3. Set your theme and live it
    1. Create your new year theme
    2. Create a poster or picture to remind you (canva.com is a great tool)
    3. Put the picture in your office, journal, and other places to remind you every day

E618: What’s the One Thing

Find the one thing you can focus on every day to move you closer to your goal.


  1. With the new year comes new plans
    1. We review and think about improvements we want to make
    2. We create a list of things we want to improve
    3. We set out in the new year to make changes
  2. Be careful not to over do it
    1. Often we try to take on too much
    2. We make things too complicated
    3. Follow the KISS principle – find the one thing
      1. A salesman: Make 5 additional cold calls per day
      2. Health: Eat one healthy meal per day
      3. Fitness: Exercise every morning for 7 minutes
  3. Learn to focus on one thing
    1. You have goals and action steps for each goal
    2. Review the action steps to find the one thing that you will focus on and complete no matter what
    3. Work on the one thing until it’s routine – like brushing your teeth
    4. Then move onto the next One Thing

E617: Get Organized and Build Some Routines

Start the new year fresh by getting organized this week.


  1. Clear out the clutter and start the new year fresh
    1. It’s probably a slow week, take advantage
    2. Clean the office / desk / computer
    3. Establish a good filing system for your work
  2. Build some good routines
    1. Set times each week to tackle those important things
    2. Stat a good morning routine
    3. Discipline moves you toward your goals
  3. Start building some great habits for 2017
    1. Your health – pick up a couple good habits for your health and body
    2. Work – start making a list of 5 key things every day and focus on them
    3. Use the new year to start building some good habits – start small so you don’t quit
      1. Do them for 46 t 60 days to build the habit

E614: Take Action Items

Focus on completing the tasks not winning the prize.


  1. The process of pyramid goals
    1. Start with a vision and drill down to the actions needed
    2. We focus on the actions, not the goals
    3. Do the work so you can reap the rewards
  2. So far this week
    1. We worked on vision, goals, and plans to achieve the goals – now the actions
    2. What tasks need to be done in order to facilitate our plans
    3. What do we need to do and when
  3. Create the task list
    1. I have uploaded an Implementation Plan spreadsheet here
      1. Use this to start with your plan and develop your tasks
      2. Use the bottom task section to track your activity and stay on course
    2. Break your plan down into single tasks
    3. Assign and track the tasks – start focusing on execution

E613: Creating Implementation Plans

Achieve your goals by creating action plans.


The next step in the Pyramid Goal System – Creating the plans


  1. We defined our targets
    1. Created our goals and trajectories
    2. We have completed the top portion of the pyramid
    3. Now – how do we reach the top?
  2. Creating the game plan
    1. What do you need to do to achieve your goals
    2. What improvements / changes / etc do you need to do
    3. How do you break your goal down into smaller chunks – plans on how to achieve
      1. Example – $5M or more in revenue
        1. That’s $417K per month @ 4 projects is $104K per project per month
          1. How? Schedule each project with the necessary resources to complete $104K
          2. Track each project bi-weekly to maintain production and make adjustments
  3. Create a summary of your plans and prioritize
    1. Take your list of goals that you created yesterday
      1. Start breaking those goals down into plans
    2. Review each plan based on the Priority Matrix
    3. Prioritize your plans and create your implementation plan for 2017

E612: Setting Goals for 2017

It’s virtually impossible to hit the target when you don’t know where you are aiming.


  1. Step 2 of the Pyramid Goal process – defining the vision with trajectories/goals
    1. Start by looking at your visions
    2. Example:
      1. ABC had a successful financial year in 2017 increasing revenues and profits while focusing on Government contracting.
    3. This vision statement has 3 key parts – Financial Success – Growth  – Gvt Contracting
  2. Define the vision with trajectories/goals
    1. Use your goals and trajectories to define the vision
    2. In the example above, if we look at financial success, we need to define what that means
    3. Create some 2017 targets
      1. We complete $5M or more of work in 2017 with a profit margin of 5% or more while maintaining our debt to less than 4% of annual revenue.
  3. Keep your trajectories SMART
    1. Specific
    2. Measurable
    3. Agreed Upon – (this is where the vision comes in)
    4. Realistic
    5. Timely

E611: Pyramid Goals & Your Vision

Vision without execution is delusion. – Thomas Edison


This week we are working on creating our plans for 2017. We will be working through the Pyramid Goal process.


  1. Pyramid Goals System
    1. Vision
    2. Goals & Trajectories
    3. Plans and Roadmaps
    4. Tasks & Take-Action Steps
  2. Start creating your vision
    1. Take out your notes from last week
    2. Use your review to write some positive vision statements for 2017
    3. How do you want 2017 to end up in each area of your business?