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Ask Coach – Finishing Up a Project Better and Faster

“Finishing and closing out a project can drag on if not given the proper attention.” In today’s episode, I discuss ways to improve project closeout.Sign Up for Free Coaching...

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Take a Moment for Some Self-Reflection

“Taking care of yourself is the start to maximizing your life.” In today’s episode, I discuss taking a moment to reflect on our self-care and mindset to make improvements.Sign...

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Mid-Year Review and Reset

“We are halfway through the strangest year ever. Time for a new game plan.” In today’s episode, I discuss reviewing our 2020 plans and coming up with a new...

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Project Planning Series – Project Execution Logs

“Even the best plans fail without proper execution.” In today’s episode, I continue the project planning series and discuss project logs.Sign Up for Free Coaching Session / Coaching Review...

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Don’t Miss a Chance to Reinforce Your Brand Promise

“Selling your brand doesn’t stop once you get the bid opportunity.” In today’s episode, I discuss taking advantage to sell for every touch point.Sign Up for Free Coaching Session...

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