Fine-tune your focus and effectiveness and forget about time management.

  1. Time management is old school
    1. Time management is about filling your calendar
    2. Figuring tasks and how much time to do each one
    3. Planning what to do and when
  2. New way if focused effectiveness
    1. First we make sure what we do is the most effective thing we an be doing
      1. Are we working on the right stuff
    2. Determine what you need to do
      1. Create a list every day of the 4 to 7 things you need to do
    3. Determine which ones must get done today
    4. Then decide which ones will have the biggest impact
    5. That’s your priority
    6. Start with the first and complete that before moving on
  3. Find you focus
    1. Block out time to work on this that is distraction free
      1. This is where a calendar may come in – set time when people should not interrupt you
    2. Create an environment where you can focus on the task at hand
    3. Block out distractions
    4. Complete a task in full before moving on
    5. When you get the hang of it, you will be breaking things down into 45 minutes tasks

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