“Avoid burnout and recharge your reasons why by scheduling fun time and vacations.”

Plan time for having fun and taking vacation. It’s what we work so hard for.

Today I want to talk about organizing your time for fun and vacations.


We have busy schedules and it’s hard to unplug for fun but we need to. Here are some tips to help make this happen.


Taking time to have fun and enjoy life recharges our batteries and reinforces our reasons why we do what we do. This very important and if we don’t plan for it and schedule it we often don’t do it.


Taking time away is difficult because we get so concerned over what will happen while we are gone and all the work that will pile up. If you plan properly and execute this doesn’t have to be the case. Here’s how to unplug.

  • Schedule it – make sure fun time is on your calendar – at least 3 hours per week and 2 weeks vaca/yr
  • Plan ahead – take the time leading up to your vacation to work extra and get ahead
  • You’re going to work! – Plan for it – make a schedule for vacation that allows you ample time to keep up
  • Delegate – this it the perfect time to delegate some responsibility to your team – plan it out

It’s always hard to unplug but it’s essential to growing a prosperous business or career. It’s these times that allow us to remember why we get up every other day of the year to work hard in our business.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Get fun time on your calendar – 3 hrs/wk plus 2 wks/yr

  2. Plan ahead – work hard leading up to vaca to get ahead

  3. Schedule work time on your vacation

  4. Delegate


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