Social Media provides the best ROI for your marketing dollars in the world today but how do you find the time to fit it in?

Managing your social media efforts using a good plan and smart tools on today’s Coachcast.

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Social media can provide great ROIs for your marketing dollars but it can take a lot of time to implement.  How can you manage engaging in social media when you barely have time to run you business?  By developing a good plan and using the right tools you can engage in social media effectively in less than 30 minutes a day.

We all know that we need to get heavily involved in social media so that we can market in the times that we aer living in.  People want to be marketed to on their terms not yours and social media is the best way to accomplish that.

To manage your efforts you first need to develop a good plan.  Take a look at what you currently do and decide where you want to go.  Start in a single channel and build that to where you want it then move into the additional channels.  This will allow you to get super efficient on the channel before adding additional work load.

Once you have developed your plan you can start using some of the tools out there to make the efforts efficient.  For posting you need to get accounts on Hootsuite and Buffer.  These tools both offer free starter accounts so you can try them both to decide which one you like the best.  You can use Hootsuite and Buffer to make posts throughout the day or week.  Just use their integration tools and you can make your posts on your time and they will go out when you want them to.

As we have mentioned in the past the best social media plans require sharing content and becoming a resource to your community.  To help with finding information to post you can use a tool called Feedly which is a news aggregator that connects to your Buffer and Hootsuite accounts.  You can scan your Feedly dashboard once a day and find interesting articles to post on your channels.  In addition to Feedly you need to set up Google alerts for key topics.  You will get an email from Google with information found on the internet, you can then read those articles and share what is appropriate.


Take-Action Items

  1. Develop your Social Media Plan

  2. Sign-up for Buffer, Feedly and Hootsuite and start using them



Managing Social Media


  • It takes a lot of time to build engagement on social media – how can we best manage that time


  • Our customers are on social media
  • People want to be marketed too on their terms
  • Social media is the best way to be around when our customers are ready


  • Develop a social media plan
    • Start with one channel
    • Add additional channels after you get the first one set up and running
  • Use tools to help with posting
    • Get a Hootsuite and Buffer account
    • Use these tools to batch your posting process
  • Use tools to help find content
    • Feedly is a great source for finding content to share
    • Google alerts will provide content
    • Don’t forget your own tips and blog








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