“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin

Do you have your Facebook Page working for you?  Are you posting the right stuff?




Marketing has changed considerably over the last decade yet most companies are still marketing like it’s 2005.  It’s time to start marketing in the times we live in.  Today with social media we have to take a different approach to marketing.  People no longer will tolerate watching or hearing your commercial, don’t want to see your ads and certainly don’t use a phone book to find you.  So why are you still paying for that phone book ad?


Part of our strategy to market in the current times must be Facebook.  As a business you need to maintain a Facebook Page  for your business.  This page is your place to engage with your community and share knowledge and information.  If done properly, this will become one of the best lead generation tools for you to find the right clients for your business.

Your Facebook Page will help you:

  • Connect with your community and clients
  • Build up your brand reputation
  • Provide solutions
  • and…most importantly…turn into a sales lead generation tool (be patient)

Now that you know you need it, what are you waiting for?  Get it started.  Some tips to help you. Be sure to add custom photos to the header.  You can make one on Canva.com if you don’t have one already.  The photo you place in the logo portion will depend on your business, if you are a local business then I would put a personal photo in there and if not then put your logo.  Upload some pictures and make some posts to get a little bit of content then invite people to the page.

Now we begin developing the relationships.  I want you to start posting on your page 2 to 3 times per week.  What are you going to post you ask.  For an example I am going to outline some recommended posts for a contractor that specializes in residential kitchen remodeling, you can make the adjustments to fit your specialty.

Sample Posts:

  • Photos – Before and After of work completed
  • Photos of amazing kitchens found on site like Good Housekeeping / Architectural Digest / Etc.
  • Ask Questions
    • Gas versus electric ranges / ovens
    • Side by Side or upright refrigerators
    • Anything that will get people talking  – this can also help you spot trends
  • Share tips
    • Cleaning and maintenance tips (how to clean granite counter tops)
    • How to organize your cabinets
    • How to change the knobs on your cabinets for a low budget make-over
    • Tip…you can find this stuff on the web and share it – hit up your suppliers too
  • Make an offer (after posting multiple times with just information you can post an offer)
    • Don’t just say – call me for a new kitchen – BOOOOOOOORRRRRRRIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGG!!!
    • Offer a free consultation by phone (schedule an hour a week to take 4 – 15 minute calls)
    • Offer appliance upgrades or something that you can get from your suppliers

The key to all this is building your tribe so that they trust and respect you.  When it comes time that they are going to buy they will be making sure you are invited to the dance.  Not only will you be invited, you will be the belle of the ball.  You will be the one the person wants to work and in some cases may be the only one called.  That’s why you have to be patient, this is not a short game, we are playing the long game here.  We build these relationships for future opportunities.  Some may not even come for another 5 years but by that time this pipeline will be so full you will be turning people away.

Take-Action Items

  1. Set up your Facebook Page
  2. Start engaging with your community




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