“Delegate some of your tasks to get back some time.”

Learn what to delegate and how on today’s Coachcast.


Assigning tasks and responsibilities to others.


To get the necessary time to focus on the 20% that will have the biggest impact.


  1. Are you ready?
    1. Release perfectionism
      1. Perfectionism makes people controlling and micro-managers – let it go
    2. Allow mistakes – this how others will learn
    3. Have patience – the process takes time – relax and let things happen
  2. What to delegate
    1. Routine and repetitive tasks
    2. Simple tasks that are easy to define
    3. Use the 70% rule – if someone can do the same task with 70% of your results let them do it
  3. Tips to effective delegation
    1. Be specific – let the person know – what, why, when, how and where
    2. Ask questions – make sure the person understands what you expect – help with priorities
    3. If you expect – Inspect it

We can all use some more time and the only way to get it is by delegating some of your work to others. This is the only way to scale your business or career.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Prepare yourself for delegation

  2. Start delegating



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