“Supercharge your day by using time wisely.”

Today we review managing our tasks and routines so that we use out time effectively.


Organizing and managing our days so the we get the most effective outcomes.


We all have a growing list of things to do and a set amount of time. Use you effectively to get the most done each day.


Start a time journal for the next few days. Take a sheet of paper and write the time and what you are doing for each task each day. This will help you to understand where you are actually spending your time.

  1. Plan Tasks and Re-schedule to fit
    1. Make phone calls while in the car, listen to podcasts while exercising
    2. Create triggers like – read 30 minute before bed
  2. Be Effective
    1. Avoid time wasters like social media and the internet – schedule this activity for less active times – set limits
    2. Plan your outcomes before making calls or attending meetings – what do you want to accomplish
    3. Ask – “Is this the best use of my time?”
  3. Focus & Commit
    1. When There – Be There / focus on where you are and the task at hand
    2. Don’t multi-task – we all know multi-tasking is a fraud yet we still do it – Stop
    3. Clear your mind and focus on what you are doing now

Don’t continue to let “lack of time” be your enemy. Take the right approach to getting the most out of time and making it work for you.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Maximize your time

  2. Start a time journal and keep track of yourself for a few days – repeat every few months

  3. When There – Be There

  4. Don’t multi-task


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