“Review and organize your contract deliverables for a successful project.”

Are you preparing your contract deliverables properly?


As contractors we know that the primary deliverable is the actual project depicted in the drawings. What we often forget is all the peripheral deliverables that are part of the contract like daily reports, schedules, certified payrolls, change requests, and other items.


These additional deliverables are often just as important as the project itself and to some people on the team these items may be more important than the actual project. If you work for the Government you already know the importance of these reporting and documentation requirements.


Prior to starting your project you need to thoroughly review your contract and create a deliverable matrix. The matrix is a spreadsheet that lists each deliverable. Your spreadsheet should have columns for the following; Contract Section, Deliverable Description, Deliverable Type, Time, Responsible Person, Notes and anything else you feel is important. As you go through the contract enter each deliverable in a row.

Now that you have the matrix completed you can use this to create tracking tools as well. In addition to a tracking sheet you can also set up a calendar that indicates all the routine deliverables.

This matrix also should be shared with your suppliers and subcontractors so that they know when things need to be delivered to you.

Keeping these deliverables organized and on track helps provide your customers with a better building experience.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Create a deliverables matrix for all contracts


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