Now that your website is tuned up, let’s look at social media.


  1. Social media platforms are becoming go-to resources for buyers
    1. LinkedIn – B2B
    2. Facebook – B2C
    3. Others
  2. Social media are platforms that allow people to connect with your company
    1. People use these platforms for research
    2. There are two sides to consider
      1. People researching construction related things
      2. People researching you specifically – this is what we are talking about today
    3. People want to learn more about you and find a possible connection
      1. That friend that may have hired you in the past
      2. That employee that knows one of their friends
  3. We need to have a social media presence
    1. At a minimum:
      1. LinkedIn
      2. Facebook
    2. Create your company pages
      1. Keep your information accurate
    3. Have your employees all link to the pages as well

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