Create schedules that are used as tools, not as placemats.


  1. An effective schedule must be realistic
    1. There is a lot that goes into a realistic schedule
    2. Too much for a single Coachcast – today we are focusing on the logic
    3. The logic is the sequencing and the coordination portion of the schedule
  2. When creating your schedule be sure to check the logic
    1. The obvious – this is what we typically build the schedule on
      1. The underground pipe before the pavement
    2. We need to go beyond the obvious and take a closer look
    3. The not so obvious
      1. Installing metal studs to bottom of a slab on deck before the concrete is poured
    4. Manpower loading and space restrictions
      1. Scheduling the framers, electricians, plumbers and others all in the same room at the same time
    5. Trade interaction
      1. Scheduling dry-fall ceiling painting the same time as framing below
  3. Create your base schedule then check and adjust
    1. Look at it like an assembly line
      1. Put the tires on the rim before mounting to the car
    2. The difference is the product doesn’t move, the trades do
    3. Work through each step testing the logic

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