Getting your team to adopt new technology can be a struggle.


Q: I started using a new mobile app for daily reporting but I am having a hard time getting people to use it. How can I get people to adopt new technology?

A: Explain the reason why it’s important and train them well.


  1. We want to bring new technology into our business and projects
    1. Update our systems and procedures
    2. Create efficiency in our business
    3. But, people are resistent
  2. It’s human nature
    1. People don’t like change
    2. We are scared of what we don’t know
    3. We feel that the change is not necessary
  3. Making a smooth transition
    1. Explain the reason why it’s important
      1. Most people feel that the change will benefit the company and not them
      2. Explain how it benefits the individual
    2. Start small and build on the successes
    3. Provide proper training
      1. Group people in training based on their current levels
      2. Train some champions to be a resource

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