Growing your business can strain your cash flow so be sure to plan properly.


Q: I want to chase larger projects to grow my business but how can I better manage the cash flow needed?

A: Planning, projecting and executing.


  1. If you want to grow your business, chasing larger projects is one way
    1. They will require more manpower, materials, equipment and maybe even management staff
    2. Those all cost money so watch the cash flow
    3. Poor planning can force us to make poor choices
  2. Plan during the estimating process
    1. If you will need to borrow money be sure to include the costs in your bid
    2. Need pay when paid terms on materials? That may cost more
    3. Can you find the manpower – maybe consider a subcontactor/partner
  3. When you win the job, project the expenses and execute
    1. Now that we covered the costs, make it happen
    2. Project your spending versus your income
      1. Find your shortfalls and solve them
    3. Execute the plan, review and adjust

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