Poor schedule development and management causes problems on the project.


  1. The project schedule is the roadmap
    1. Tells everyone the who, what, when and where on the project
    2. Organizes the team
    3. We would get lost with outdated maps
  2. Failures occur when schedules are not accurate
    1. Manpower is misallocated and wasted
    2. Materials and equipment are not available at the right time
    3. Creates confusion and disarray on the project
      1. Leads to finger pointing and letter writing
  3. Manage and coordinate properly
    1. Do your part to keep accurate schedules
      1. Primes – it’s your job
      2. Subs – it’s your job to review and update properly and ask for updates
    2. Update and coordinate the schedule regularly
    3. Communicate the schedule to the field

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