Are you taking advantage of social media in your sales efforts?


  1. Social media is a game changer in sales and marketing
    1. Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest / etc.
    2. Social media makes reaching your audience much easier
    3. Social must be a part of your sales strategy
  2. Posting native content (your content)
    1. Find the network that fits for your company
      1. Residential = Instagram / Pinterest / FB
      2. Commercial = LinkedIn / Facebook / Twitter
      3. It all depends on where your target audience hangs out
    2. Post content that is relevant and worthwhile but not bragging
    3. Build relationships
  3. Joining the conversation
    1. This is how you get started – join in with others
    2. Find your audience in other areas of SM
      1. You build retail – find groups for local retailers and small businesses
    3. Join the conversation to offer your point of view, tips
      1. Don’t join the conversation to sell (that comes later)
    4. Build relationships with people

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