Promote your USP to win more work with the right clients.


Integrate your unique selling proposition into your sales and marketing to help attract the right clients.


  1. Your brand message
    1. Your marketing efforts should promote your USP
    2. Your sales team should communicate it clearly
    3. Tell stories about your USP
  2. Keep your messages and your actions congruent
    1. Be sure that everything supports your USP
    2. Do the actions of you team support the USP
      1. You promote meeting schedules yet fail to deliver the proposal as promised
    3. Be sure everything about your company promotes your USP
  3. Remember to see it from the customer’s point of view
    1. What does your customer think?
      1. Provide stories that mean something to them
    2. Be sure your culture supports your USP throughout the project
    3. Conduct surveys to get feedback on how you are doing

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