Are you working towards the results you really want?


Thanks to JB Glossinger at for this story.


  1. The Fisherman and the Businessman
    1. A fable about a fisherman in a small fishing village in Mexico
    2. The fisherman is happy with life
    3. The businessman wants to build a bigger business
  2. Understanding what is important
    1. Businessman – wants the journey of building a business
    2. Fisherman – wants the time to spend with his wife and family
    3. Both are right
  3. We need to make sure we chase the right things
    1. Review your goals versus your values
      1. Understand your reasons why
    2. Align what you strive for with what you really want
      1. Want to increase revenue? Why? More money?
      2. Maybe the answer is efficiency, more profits, better clients not more revenue
    3. Think about it

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