E493: Good Change Communication Practices

Communicate potential changes quickly and clearly to avoid future misunderstandings.

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  1. Communicate potential changes quickly
    1. Have clear discussions
      1. This is a change and may have an impact
    2. It’s our responsibility as Elite Contractors
    3. Follow good communication practices
      1. 1. Face to Face 2. Phone 3. Email 4. Letter
  2. Provide proper information
    1. When we communicate provide facts
    2. Provide valuable information – understand why the change
    3. Outline the potential impacts
  3. Back up your information with details
    1. What are the known impacts
      1. Cost, schedule, lifecycle, etc.
    2. Are there potential unknown impacts – ask Did you consider?
    3. Provide details of your statements
      1. If cost impact provide an order of magnitude
      2. If schedule impact provide time and deadlines

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