Monitor and manage your online presence to keep your reputation in check.


  1. Things are different now – information is easy to share – even bad or false info
    1. It’s easy for someone to post things
    2. Most people only share the negative
    3. When someone is considering hiring you they will Google you
  2. We need to monitor
    1. Look for mentions of you company on the web and social media
    2. Watch listing sites like Yelp, Angies List, Home Advisor if those apply
    3. Set a Google search query for you company name and other information
  3. What to do when there are comments
    1. Respond to all comments, good or bad
    2. Be honest, if there’s an error admit to it and try to fix it
      1. Sometimes you have to fix things even when you are not at fault
    3. Don’t ever get personal, stick to facts

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