The project team must take the lead in developing customer relationships.


  1. Solving the common problems better is a requirement
    1. We must solve the typical construction problems
      1. Schedule, materials, subcontractors, change orders, design coordination, etc.
    2. This is what every contractor is hired to do
    3. This is the core responsibility – the blocking and tackling
  2. Going beyond is solving the problems outside the project
    1. This is where the Elite shine
      1. A championship team does the basics plus the extraordinary
    2. Solve your customer’s pain points – make their job easier
    3. Provide more value by understanding their ultimate goals and helping them succeed
      1. Retail store – understand layout, lighting, etc and help make smart choices
      2. Know the latest trends in you niche
  3. Make it a plan to solve the extraordinary
    1. As a project team, we plan to go the extra mile
    2. Provide solutions to the pain points outside the project
    3. Reinforce the reason why they hired us and why they will never hire someone else again
      1. Retail store – you know the latest trends and recommend they improve sight-lines and add RFID beacons which increase revenue – your client is now a raving fan

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