E424: Review First Quarter And Re-Energize

It’s the end of the first quarter. Time to review our progress, adjust and re-energize.



  1. Review your progress
    1. Dust off those goals and take-action items we set in December
    2. Look at what you intended to do
    3. Give yourself a grade on how well you did
  2. Adjust and correct course – things change
    1. Do any of your items need to be adjusted or amended?
    2. Are some complete? Some now habits?
    3. Should some be dropped off the list?
  3. It’s time to re-focus and re-energize
    1. Celebrate your successes and forgive your weaknesses
    2. Make the necessary adjustments
    3. Clean off your desk and get organized
    4. Take your new take-action items and write down you “why” next to each one
    5. Re-commit to taking action
    6. Don’t forget to do your mini-reviews at the end of each week.

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