If you want to be a great dancer, you have to get on the dance floor.


  1. I close every Coachcast with “Stop Waiting, Start Building”
    1. Don’t wait for some trigger to start taking action
    2. Don’t wait for the next big job to start acting like a big contractor
    3. Don’t wait to reach $5M to develop procedures
  2. If you want to become something, you have to start acting like you already are
    1. Want to be a $20M company, start acting like a $20M company
    2. Want to be a great parent, start doing what a great parent does
    3. Want to have a bid bank account, start saving
  3. Opportunity Only Knocks Once – don’t wait for the knock
    1. Common interpretation of this proverb makes you believe that opportunity will come to you and you should act when it does – it’s wrong
    2. I look at it differently – Opportunity will only knock once if you sit and wait for it, however, opportunity is everywhere if you start opening the door
    3. I am not waiting for some sign or knock at the door, I am being the person I want to be even if my bank account doesn’t reflect it
  4. Practicing “Stop Waiting, Start Building”
    1. Set your vision and be clear on what you want
    2. Visualize what that would look like
      1. How would you act if you had $10M in your bank account
      2. What would your business look like if it did $20M in revenue
    3. Start doing and acting like that now, the universe will catch up

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