Whan work sequencing fails we all lose. But, who’s to blame?


  1. When work sequencing fails
    1. Too many people in one area – too many cooks spoil the stew
    2. Multiple mobilization
    3. Lost production and further schedule slippage
  2. Fix the problems not the symptoms – the root causes of most fails
    1. Improper scheduling – no input or poor durations
    2. Improper coordination on the front end and during construction
    3. Communication breakdown when communicating schedule to the trades
    4. Lack of accountability
  3. Things we can all do to help (it’s a problem for all of us and will take all of us to fix it)
    1. Planning
      1. Primes – get input from subs / trades
      2. Subs – give real feedback
    2. Coordination
      1. Primes – Walk around and talk with subs / trades – engage communication
      2. Subs – work together as a team
    3. Communication
      1. Primes – be clear about expectations
      2. Subs – be honest about durations and speak up early when there are delays
    4. Everyone be more accountable – if you say something, do it


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