Don’t miss out on one of the best, untapped resources in your company.

How often do you or one of your senior managers spend time talking and listening to your employees? Not enough.


  1. Your employees know
    1. They know the real values of your company
    2. They know why your competition is kicking your butt
    3. They know why Joe in accounting is so unhappy (and how much he is stealing)
  2. The best, untapped resource – don’t just sit on the well
    1. Engage and ask questions
    2. Be open and listen to the feedback
      1. They are entitled to their opinions and you don’t need to argue with them
      2. Remember perception is reality even if it’s not true
    3. Provide constructive feedback that extends the conversation
  3. A profound effect
    1. Your employees will know you care and they are being heard
    2. They will know they are part of shaping their future
    3. You will gain great insights

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