The proposal is part of the overall selling process that many people put little effort into.


  1. Proposals are a continuation of the selling process
    1. It’s our chance to shine
    2. Show our customers we care by answering their concerns
    3. Address their unique pain points
  2. What makes up a good proposal
    1. It will vary by potential customer
    2. Must explain why they should choose you and not your competition
    3. It addresses what matters to them
  3. Executing successfully
    1. Develop templates for each type of client you have
    2. Update each time with specific information unique to that client
    3. Each proposal must contain
      1. Intro letter addressing why you and not someone else (from their point of view)
      2. Proposal with terms and conditions
      3. Scope of work
    4. Add additional information that may seem suitable – try different things
    5. Get feedback and adjust

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