Set effective goals to guide your actions.


  1. Importance of goals
    1. They give meaning to your actions – the why
    2. Guides your effectiveness
      1. You can ask is this moving me closer to my goal?
    3. Provides the measurement for tracking
  2. Types of goals
    1. Generic – I want to grow my company
    2. Smart – I want to increase revenue by 10% in 2016
    3. Reach – I want to double my revenue and profits in 2016
  3. Setting and writing effective goals
    1. They must be inspirational – to everyone
    2. You must be clear about the outcome
    3. Write them in statement form that includes the outcome and the actions to get there
      1. We (insert outcome statement) because we (actions statement).



We maintain a steady revenue of $5 million annually with steady growth as a result of our effective marketing and exceptional customer retention.

We win 65% of all project proposals because we are the leader in our niche and focus on projects that want us.


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