Don’t wait to reach lofty goals to celebrate your successes.



  1. Goals and intentions can get us down
    1. Missed goals equal pain so we tend to not chase them
    2. We want instant gratification and when we don’t get it we quit
    3. We beat ourselves up for not reaching a goal
    4. So to avoid all this pain we just make excuses
  2. Focus on the actions and you can surpass any goal
    1. Do the tasks that will get you closer to your goal
    2. Take the necessary action consistently
    3. Reward the effort
  3. Cause for celebration
    1. We are on a journey and we must enjoy it so celebrate your actions
    2. Don’t wait until you reach a goal to recognize your success
    3. Success is doing the things you need to do every day
    4. Celebrate the actions/achievements of each week
      1. Every Friday / Saturday sit down and write out what your achievements were for the week
      2. Summarize all things you set out to do and completed and worked on
      3. Write down the effort you put in
      4. Then celebrate the effort


Take the time every week to perform this review and you will bust through all your goals in 2016.


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