Set clear goals and intentions for you sales and marketing in 2016.


  1. Sales and marketing in construction
    1. A major aspect of our success
    2. Doesn’t get the attention it deserves
    3. Often lacks good planning
    4. For many it’s placing ads and waiting for calls
  2. We are all marketing companies
    1. Today – everything is about marketing and all companies are marketing companies
    2. We want to be the preferred contractor before that client even begins to search
      1. Marketing is how we do that
    3. Everything we do and everyone is part of our marketing efforts
  3. Let’s get organized
    1. Set your goals and intentions for your marketing efforts
    2. Target the proper clients
      1. 25 ideal client leads is better than 150 random leads
      2. Stop focusing just on job type to define your leads – look at the client too
    3. Review your marketing and make sure you are targeting the right clients with all your efforts

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