Your proposals say a lot about your company, be sure to send the right message.

  1. Send a good message
    1. Create a standard, branded format with logos, etc.
    2. Make it clear and concise
    3. Provide what you will deliver and what you expect
  2. Create a template to work with
    1. Start with a cover letter
      1. Explain why they should work with your firm
    2. Provide a scope of work
    3. Provide the basic terms
    4. Add additional items that may be necessary for your business
  3. Some additional tips
    1. Write in a 6th-grade level – don’t get too complicated
    2. Use common terms
    3. Attached additional information as necessary
    4. Let them know how to get answers

So dust off your proposal format and give it a tune-up.


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