It takes a consistent effort completing specific tasks to reach our goals.

  1. Missed goals happen all the time
    1. We set goals, make them SMART yet still fail
    2. We create plans and get started but never finish
  2. We lack actionable instruction
    1. SMART goals lack action – they don’t tell you what to do
    2. Traditional goal logic assumes everyone will know exactly what to do to reach their goals
      1. That’s a false assumption if we knew how, we would have already achieved the goal
    3. Meeting goals requires expansion, learning new skills, discipline, and growth – that takes action
  3. The most important step – yet this may be the first time you heard it
    1. Create your action tasks – the tasks you will do routinely to move you towards your steps
    2. Break each step down into the actions it will take
    3. Sort and list the actions in order

Now we know what to do, next we will work on habits to make sure we do it.


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