To build a successful business, you have to spend time working ON your business.

  1. What is working on your business?
    1. It is not Estimating / Project Management / Labor / Accounting / Etc.
    2. It’s planning and managing others
    3. It’s strategic thinking
    4. Creating procedures and building your culture
  2. It’s a constant struggle
    1. Too often working in your business takes precedence over working on it
    2. We put off the things we need to do
    3. We are putting out fires
    4. Most of this stems from bad habits
      1. Micro-managing
      2. Poor delegation
      3. Improper spending
  3. Break the bad habits
    1. Take a look at what you do every day
      1. Where are you wasting time?
    2. Carve out some time every week for “must-happen” work on your business
    3. Make some plans and start executing them

Key Questions:

  1. Are you working “on” your business or “in” your business?

  2. Do you spend enough time working “on” your business?

  3. How can you spend more time working “on” your business?

Take-Action Items:

  1. Review your daily tasks and actions

  2. Eliminate wasted time that can be handled by others or just not done

  3. Set aside some time for working “on” your business

  4. Make some plans


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