Project sites say a lot about your company. Are you sending the right messages?

  1. You are being watched
    1. Project sites
    2. Vehicles and equipment
    3. Personnel
  2. Protect your brand
    1. Plan your project with public in mind
      1. Watch staging areas and how you leave your site
    2. Organization – keep your sites organized
    3. Communication – be sure to communicate with the public about your site
  3. Educate your team
    1. Your staff are public ambassadors
    2. Should have the mindset similar to a retail clerk
    3. You never know who’s watching

Key Questions:

  1. What do your projects say about you?

  2. What message does your staff send out?

  3. Do you manage your image?

Take-Action Items:

  1. Plan your projects with the public in mind

  2. Manage your image and brand


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