When it comes to successful contracting there are 4 keys pillars I look for in a company.


4 Pillars of Success Photo

  1. Vision, brand and product
    1. Vision – the why
    2. Brand – the company as a whole – the glue that holds it together
    3. Product – what makes you different – why should someone hire you
      1. Schedule, service, support, price, budget, etc.
  2. Processes and habits
    1. Operational procedures and processes
    2. What people do regularly and how things are handled
    3. What’s important to your organization
  3. People and culture
    1. Hire the best
    2. Train, train, train
    3. Give them a culture that lets them thrive
  4. Execution and refinement
    1. You can have the first 3 but if you don’t execute on them you will fail
    2. Plan, do, check, act
    3. Constant improvement

Key Questions:

  1. Do you agree with these 4 pillars?

  2. Where does your firm rank in each one?

  3. Where do you need improvement?

Take-Action Items:

  1. Give these pillars some real thought

  2. Look closely at #1 for your business


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