Break out your proposals to help show your clients why they should hire you.

Q: I often get asked to break down my bids, what is the best way?

A: Break it down into the categories of work like demo, concrete, framing, drywall, etc.


  1. Should I break down my bids – Yes – when you submit a proposal give a breka down
    1. It helps you stand out and make it appear that you are doing more
    2. Easier to compare with others
    3. Helps support changes
  2. Make each line item complete
    1. Include all costs associated with that line item, labor, equipment, materials, subcontractors, profits, overhead, contingency, etc.
    2. Break your bids out by category – similar to CSI Divisions
    3. Use you break down to help sell your company as the best fit
      1. Show that you understand the job better
      2. Sell yourself with your breakdown

Key Questions:

  1. Do you break down your proposals?

  2. Do you do it by work category?

  3. Do you use the break down to sell yourself?

Take-Action Items:

  1. Break out your bids

  2. Sell it


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