We can prevent costly errors with good project controls.

  1. What are project controls
    1. Information management systems and protocols
    2. Software / logs / lists
    3. RFIs / ASIs / Emails / Letters / Change Orders / Drawings / Contracts / Etc.
  2. What’s required
    1. Your contract may stipulate what’s reqiured
    2. What systems do Prime Contractors need?
      1. More comprehensive and may depend on project sizes and complexity
    3. What systems do Subcontractors need?
      1. Maybe less comprehensive but again will vary depending on type and project complexity
  3. Minimum for all
    1. Logging system for information transfer – RFIs / Communications / Etc.
      1. For a simple solution, you can use a spreadsheet or task manager
    2. Drawing log
    3. Change Order log
    4. Daily reports or work logs
    5. Additional items may be required dependign on the project
      1. Submittal logs / meeting minutes / etc.

Key Questions:

  1. What project controls are you using?

  2. Are they adequate?

  3. Can they grow with you?

  4. What need improvement?

Take-Action Items:

  1. Review your systems

  2. Implement changes

  3. Review at least twice a year


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