Do you have enough time in the day? How much time are you wasting?

  1. The big three
    1. Television – Americans watch an average of 5+ hours of television per day
    2. Time commuting in your car listening to pop radio
    3. Time on social media – reading useless information
  2. Why is this important
    1. Successful people get the most out of each day
    2. We say we don’t have time to exercise / learn / grow yet we waste time every day
    3. If you commute 30 minutes each way that gives you 250 hours per year for learning – are you?
      1. That’s over 50 business books on tape
      2. That’s 10 or more college courses
  3. Control your wasting of time
    1. Set time limits on the things you do – set alarms on your phone
      1. Limit TV to 1 to 2 hours per night max. if at all
      2. Limit your time on social media
      3. Limit how long you listen to the pop radio
    2. Listen to podcasts or books on tape while commuting
    3. Get your social media fix in short bursts while standing in line or waiting on something
    4. Create a plan to take back some of that wasted time and put it to good use

Key Questions:

  1. Are you wasting time every day?

  2. Do get the most of each day?

  3. Do you get sidetracked on mindless tasks?

  4. How can you do better at getting the most out of your time?

Take-Action Items:

  1. Set time limits on your time wasters

  2. Create a plan to do more with your new found time

  3. Shut off electronics at night 30 minutes before bed


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